For quite some time, we have recognized the signs of the times and have put ourselves in a position to react to emerging developments in economic and financial terms in Asia and Europe. Asia is and will remain the economic engine of the world and the financial influence of Asia in other countries becomes increasingly stronger. The "New Silk Road", which is strongly promoted by China, with the "One Belt - One Road" concept will contribute significantly to bringing Asia and Europe closer together.


From the outset, we have always been a supporter of the Eurasian Union and the BRICS Financial System - both became our business principle.


The bridges across the Bosporus symbolize the convergence of the Euro-Asian continent - which is why they are also the pictorial symbols of our homepage, together with other images of the future markets.


We made the idea of a Eurasian economic community to our business principle and we feel called to bring people, businesses and capital together.


We see ourselves as a consultant for like-minded people who bring along the same attitude. With our many years of experience in this field and the region, we can guarantee success.


So please follow us through the pages and find out in which projects we are involved in, which projects we are working on and how the developments of the Euro-Asian zones are moving forward.


We are sure that more and more people will be positively influenced by these developments and that this influence will be pursued and used with great interest in the future.


Thank you for your interest and have fun while reading.


Best regards




Your JBC Consulting Team

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